Fan not working properly with alexa

We purchased a new fan with a light. It came with the bond. We were able to set it up. Also able to link them with our Alexa. But she’s doing the light backwards. When you tell her to turn it on she shuts it off. And when she does turn it on the fan comes on with the light. Also is it only on and off commands? Or are we supposed to be able to tell her to dim the lights or the fan on a higher or lower speed? Any help would be amazing! My husband is going nuts trying to get it to work properly.

Hello @Shyla ! Welcome to the forums.

While I don’t personally use Alexa, @endy from the Bond staff and other customers who actually do use Alexa do indicate you should have fan speeds. Alexa Fan Speeds

Dimming the integrated lights is not supported via voice commands for fans that have original remote that are “hold to dim/brighten”, however.

Finally, there are a couple things we can try as far as the light being opposite.
In the Bond app, under the fan device, go to the menu button and hit Settings.
Do you see Trust Tracked State, and is it toggled “on”? If so, you should see Fix Tracked State right next to it; go in that Fix Tracked State and flip the toggle, then hit Save.
Does that correct the voice commands to Off really turns Off, and On really turns On?

Note that using the original ceiling fan remote is not suggested if you enable Trust Tracked State, as Bond / Alexa does not know if you’ve hit a button on the original physical remote - and will therefore get out of sync with the real world.

If you continue to have issues with fan and light turning on or off together via Bond / Alexa, and the original remote doesn’t have that same issue, you can open a ticket via Bond’s support website, or by emailing - the community members here are happy to help, and sometimes Bond staff are able to join in a discussion, but the quicker response is through the official support channels.

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Hey @Shyla ,

@residualimages just answered it perfectly, thanks! But I want to add some other info too hehe

From what you describe I imagine that you purchased a bundle, that includes the fan and a Bond Bridge. Since the bridge is external hardware, it has its limitations, like not being able to support dimming the lights or knowing when you use the original remote.

We also have another Bond product, that is called Smart by Bond, and it is hardware inside the fan, never losing track of the device state, updating Alexa even when using the original remote, and also allows to use Alexa to dim the lights.

I believe that after Matt’s explanations you’ll be able to use the Bridge to fit all your needs, just wanted to share this other product option for the future.

If you need any help with the app, I’m one of the mobile developers and will be glad to help! Feel free to reply here tagging me or send me a direct message.