SBB with wall switch

I have a couple of fans with the Smart By Bond universal WiFi remote. Those fans/lights are also on a standard wall switch. Can I set the lights to come on automatically if the wall switch is turned on after being in the off position? Not everyone understands the use of the remote and will at some point turn the lights off by flipping the switch. And then they expect them to come on when the switch is flipped back on. I have some Hue light bulbs in some lamps that have a default on state that you can set so if you do use a switch they come on. I think they do come on if the last state before power off was set to on. But if I turn them off with the remote and someone then flips the switch to off and back on they stay off.

Welcome, Greg! I’m thrilled that you’ve joined the Bond community.

As you noticed, we restore the previous fan+light setting, which is how all the remote control ceiling fan receivers have worked for decades.

But, that’s actually a pretty clever idea. It wouldn’t be hard to implement as an option. I’ve thrown it on our roadmap. We need to discuss internally, but I think it’s likely we could turn this around pretty quick.

One gotcha though: if the power goes out in your house, when it comes back on your lights will be on. Ok if its the living room, not so great in a bedroom. Probably this is why it was never done with the non-smart units where such a feature would require some kind of physical switch to enable/disable.

If you can add the default state to each unit the bedroom could be last state or off. So then power failure wouldn’t be an issue.

Change out the standard wall switch the RF wireless wall mount controller (fits like a standard switch) then users that use that switch will work the fan and light just as if they were using the hand held remote or the Bond App. This is what we have done with all our MINKA AIRE fans. I only wish there was a Light Switch only solution that would work with the BOND system. If anyone finds one please tell me.

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Could you do a single switch and/or a single gang sized keypad in the wall, having the actual loads (fan/light) always “hot” in the box?
Natively / with a single product? Not that I have seen.

I did this integration at a previous house with ISY, Insteon, and BOND.

Hello there. Im looking for a similar soloution as all of my fans have the smart by bond kit installed but what usually ends up happening is my family turns the main wall switch off and it kills power to the device. Could yoh share the model number of the wall remote that is compatible? Ive been trying to come up with some soloutions and have even tried to pair other wall remotes to the smart by bond device but none of them except the original hand held remote work. Thanks in advance

What brand and model are the fans in question
Or what is the model number on the hand held remote?

For minka air models the ones with the embedded bond features use the RC400 hand held the matching wall unit is the WC400

Would have to research other bond enabled brands/models for you.

If there is a Lamps Plus store near you they will probably have the info and the wall remote

The wall remotes get power from the switch wires so no battery issues, you set the dip switches on the wall remote the same as the hand held and both will control the fan and lights.

I have done this with all 6 fans in our new house
Including a rare Emerson bi-wing aviation themed fan in my office

They all work great

I only wish the bond team would partner up with someone making smart light switches and plugs
Then I wouldn’t need 2 apps on the phone

Thanks for the reply. I actually have the smart by bond kit that is sold by home depo. Its the universal kit that comes with a small handheld white remote. Heres a link to it:

I saw in the bond application that theres an option for pairing a new remote. I was hoping that any remote could be paired as long as it was in the correct frequency range just like you can do with the bond hub. I have hunter brand fans with these kits installed and have tried to pair the hunter 99393 remote with it but it failed. I was wondering if the minka air wall remote you mentioned would possibly pair with the universal bond receiver?

@AnthonyNJ28 unfortunately you cannot pair up an RF remote control with your SBB kit via Bond Bridge, and at this time there are no compatible wall-controls that work with the Home Depot SBB kit (KNKSA serials).

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Thanks for the reply, that was my fear. I think I will try a hack solution. I was thinking to take apart the hand held remote and just solder wires from the buttons to the buttons on the hunter control. The only thing im thinking might be an issue is getting everything to fit in the hunter control but I’ll post back and let you know how that goes. Thanks for your help!

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