Savant integration

Anyone working on Savant driver?
We are using it with RTI and it’s amazing


Hey Pablo,

I don’t know of anyone working on a Savant profile, however that would be interesting.

Perhaps you can check/ask on the Savant Community?


Already check. No one yet

Don’t know where you are looking!

There already is an official Bond driver included with Savant.

Quick check and it shows up immediately

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Thanks. I was looking in the profile section of the dealer website. But obviously I did it wrong. Thanks again

Were you able to get this working?
Is the Bond Device ID the Address(1) Parameter? I tried this and can’t seem to get it to work.
For fans I have ‘1’ in Address(2) per the profile note (this is the only note in the profile, no other notes/instructions included)


I have a similar problem trying to get the Bond profile for Savant to work. Anyone was able to get it working? Any pointers?

Thanks in advance

For issues with this integration, please open a Support Ticket with Savant. (This is their integration.)

Just looking to see if anyone has a functional Savant profile to integrate Fans, Lighting, Fireplaces, and Shades?

Welcome, Dustin! I moved your post to this thread. Apparently there is some official support from Savant. For details please contact Savant as per their request.

Hi Merck
I got the profile to work for Shutters (in Savant appears as a Shade). The profile works fine for Up and Down commands but the Stop command is not working. After talking to Savant they say they don’t have the correct Stop command on file to do it, By any chance could you help me get it. For example shade up I have
<release_action name=“ShadeUp”></release_action>
<osd_press_action name=“ShadeUp”></osd_press_action>

For Down the same but “ShadeDown”

Could you help me with that is the correct STOP instruction

I got it to work for Shades.

1- Put in the BOND BRIDGE profile in SAVANT, state variables–> the local token found on the Bond Bridge
2-Put the IP of the bridge on the control port
3-In the shade table you have to put in Address(1) the Device ID found in the Device Settings of the shade you are controlling

I cannot help with SAVANT directly because we don’t have any documentation on the Bond<>SAVANT integration. However, I can give you an API perspective: for Somfy RTS shades we support the following actions:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Hold
  • Preset

Note that, for RTS, both Hold and Preset send the same underlying “My” signal. The RTS protocol apparently doesn’t have a way to differentiate these two user intents.

Do let us know how the SAVANT integration works for you!

Thanks for the reply Merck.
That’s is what I need the api commands. But in this case is not for somfy shades is for 433.92 other type of motor, In the Bond app I only see open, close and stop. What would be the api command for stop?