RTI Integration

Hello Everyone!

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know a way to integrate bond with an RTI control system, I don’t know of anyway for RTI to send the needed curl commands to bond.

Pretty sure I can use IFTTT as a workaround but really wanted to just use the local API.

Thanks for the help!

Does RTI support HTTP? That’s all the “curl” commands are!

@80mileseast messaged me a good while ago about their setup with RTI:

XP3 processor. As of now the only things I’ve been sending HTTP requests to is IFTTT (webhooks), Automagic app on Android TV and an Eventghost server. There is a HTTP request driver that works well but there is no PUT request driver or JSON strings driver.

As of right now all the HTTP requests driver allows for is just URL calls

…if theres an easy way to do it from eventghost that would be fine…

Does that sound similar to your setup, @Solowtc?

We have added RTI to our roadmap for integration via the local API. This will happen after we finalise the Control4 driver. After that probably Crestron, URC and ELAN.


Awesome thank you Alan, already using your TP-Link and HDAnywhere driver for some installs.


Yes exactly, just different processor (XP-8) going to go with the IFTTT workaround for now until theres a way to send a PUT Request or JSON String.

Ive been able to control my XP3 processor through the Eventghost driver. My remote sends a command to run a .bat script. Heres how I have it setup.

In notepad I copied the command that works in the Command Prompt and saved it as a .bat

In Eventghost I have it run the script using the start application widget


It works surprisingly very well but unfortunately you need to to have a computer on all the time to accept the commands. I have it running on my plex server so no big deal.

I just want to add that its unbelievable how hard it is to automate a damn ceiling fan.

If anyone is wondering why we did ELAN after Control4 it is because Richard (our RTI, URC, Crestron developer) is currently on leave. Don’t worry its still on our hit list.


Hello. Any estimation? Q42019, Q12020? Thanks

This has been delayed a bit. At CEDIA Expo RTI guys told us that they want to speak to us about it. haven’t had that meeting yet.

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Ok. Thanks. We wait for ot

RTI driver is almost complete. Just going through some final testing. Will probably be released in mid jan.


Hi Alan,
Can we still expect a mid January release for the RTI driver? Can’t wait to try it! Thanks again

Actually we released it two days ago. Announced via mailblast to our RTI subscribers, RTI forum announcement, LinkedIn and Twitter. Only forgot to mention it here. I’ll write up a proper post on Monday.