Rollease Acmeda and Dooya Motorized Shades

I did some testing on this once I got back to my office and it appears a remote is required to set up the limits for the motor. I don’t see a way to get past the requirement to long hold the up/down/stop buttons as required in these instructions: Pairing

Hi all, does this allow for 2 way communication between bond and rollease devices so that it knows the position?

Last I saw, bidirectional communication was not supported.
This was in response to a question about ARC motors, but I believe it holds true for all:

That being said, I believe with certain brands (Somfy and Rollease), you do have a SetPosition command / slider available if you have a Bond Bridge Pro. Not sure if that implementation, like many other Bond device strategies, then requires you to no longer use the original remote? I do not yet have Shade type devices to get familiar with this area of Bond.
API For Shade Position