Replicating Enocean or other Piezoelectric self powered remotes

Hello forum, new user from Northern California here. I did not find any results for Enocean when I searched, so here goes my question.

I would like to start using a Bond Bridge but the most desirable remote I want to replicate is made by Enocean, FCC ID SZV-PTM210C

A tech document can be found here

These are very neat remotes, used for various switching functions in home automation including lighting, dimming, and in my case a whole house fan. What makes them interesting is they are self powered - there are no batteries in the remotes. Pushing a button on the remote generates a piezoelectric current to power the remote while simultaneously sending the signal (on 315Mhz). Releasing the button generates another signal, and the receiver can then tell how long the button was held (for dimming or blinds/slats applications)

I have no idea how long this signal is generated but my guess is perhaps a few hundred milliseconds if even that, perhaps less than 100ms.

I am not sure how quick the sampling rate of a Bond Bridge is, so my first question - is it even possible for a Bond Bridge to capture such a fleeting signal?

Next question of course involves encoding and unfortunately I have no idea what scheme these remotes use, and that is why I am hoping someone here has experience with them. The manual does say 125k ASK and only a 0.7ms signal packet length (!)

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

Steve in CA

Sadly not going to work with Bond Bridge due to the very high bitrate. Bond Bridge maxes out at 40 kbps. (Though, adding to our wishlist for future hardware!)

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