Problem setting up basic on/off with portable A/C


I’m relatively new to the Bond, so I’m struggling to get a new device setup. I have a new portable Toshiba A/C floor unit and want to be able to do nothing more than turn it on/off with Google Home when I run my morning Google Home startup routine.

I’ve tried running the Bond setup and the app finds the remote just fine, but the Toggle power doesn’t actually toggle the power when I try to test it during setup. Any idea how to address this?

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Hey there!

My first guess is that your “toggle” button actually sends two signals depending on whether the remote thinks the AC is on or off. You might try recording “power on” and “power off” individually, and capturing the two different signals.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and we can take a look at the signals and maybe get some more insight into what’s happening.

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Thanks for the response.

I tried programming the “on” button using the same power button the remote, but it’s the same problem. Did I misunderstand your idea?

I mean record both an “on” and an “off” button, is that what you did?

In detail:

  1. Have the AC remote in the “off” mode
  2. Choose to create a “power on” button, record the signal. If you miss a recording, simply aim the remote away from the Bond and press the power button to toggle it again.
  3. Now, get the AC remote in the “on” mode
  4. Same as 2, but with “power off”

My theory is that this remote keeps track of the state of the AC, and sends a different signal based on what it thinks the state is. This is pretty standard for AC remotes (it’d also include the temperature in the signal)