Crestron Integration

I’ve written a module set for integrating the Bond Bridge / Bond Bridge Pro with a Crestron smart home processor. The module set has been tested with ceiling fans and fireplaces. I’m looking for someone who can test it with Somfy shades. Please reply to this thread or send me a message with your contact information if you are interested.


My name is Mike, I live in Arizona and we are trying to integrate Minka Smart fans with Crestron.
Is the module set for integrating the Bond something you can share?

Hi Mike,

You can just download the Crestron/Bond integration code that I wrote from my GitHub—Bond-Bridge



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2 Years later… I shared your code with my Crestron integrator. Everything was working great for about 2 months then the Crestron stopped be able to issues any commands to the Bridge Pro. Do you have any idea what could be an issue or where to start? All commands still work through the Bond App. We are controlling around 40 Somfy RTS shades.


What I would be looking for is what changed. Other people are successfully using the Crestron module and you were successfully using it for 2 months. So what is different now with your system? I would suspect that something with your network changed. Did you have to replace your router? Was a new software update installed on your router?

For example, one of the parameters of the comm manager module is the IP address of the bond bridge. That should have been set as either a static IP address or a DHCP reservation on the router so it wouldn’t change. If something on the router changed so the IP address of the bond bridge started changing, then the Crestron processor won’t be able to talk to the bond bridge but the Bond app will still work fine.

Hope this helps


Hi Jbasen

We be happy to test drive the BOND Bridge Module we are currently using BOND bridge module for Crestron Home Installations - but it has a few bugs.


The Crestron-Bond Integration driver on my GitHub (GitHub - jbasen/Crestron---Bond-Bridge) was only written to support SimplWindows. Since I wrote the Crestron-Bond driver back in 2020 I have done a couple of drivers for Crestron home; which is a completely different architecture. I’m not sure how you are using this driver in Crestron home without running it on a separate, non-home, Crestron processor that is linked with your Crestron home system. Please clarify


Hi jb

SIMPL windows OK we use SIMPL processor with home more often than not, and we have a project right now and a BOND and fans on our bench to rest with.
We will start testing this week and let you know.