Crestron Integration

I’ve written a module set for integrating the Bond Bridge / Bond Bridge Pro with a Crestron smart home processor. The module set has been tested with ceiling fans and fireplaces. I’m looking for someone who can test it with Somfy shades. Please reply to this thread or send me a message with your contact information if you are interested.


My name is Mike, I live in Arizona and we are trying to integrate Minka Smart fans with Crestron.
Is the module set for integrating the Bond something you can share?

Hi Mike,

You can just download the Crestron/Bond integration code that I wrote from my GitHub—Bond-Bridge



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2 Years later… I shared your code with my Crestron integrator. Everything was working great for about 2 months then the Crestron stopped be able to issues any commands to the Bridge Pro. Do you have any idea what could be an issue or where to start? All commands still work through the Bond App. We are controlling around 40 Somfy RTS shades.


What I would be looking for is what changed. Other people are successfully using the Crestron module and you were successfully using it for 2 months. So what is different now with your system? I would suspect that something with your network changed. Did you have to replace your router? Was a new software update installed on your router?

For example, one of the parameters of the comm manager module is the IP address of the bond bridge. That should have been set as either a static IP address or a DHCP reservation on the router so it wouldn’t change. If something on the router changed so the IP address of the bond bridge started changing, then the Crestron processor won’t be able to talk to the bond bridge but the Bond app will still work fine.

Hope this helps


Hi Jbasen

We be happy to test drive the BOND Bridge Module we are currently using BOND bridge module for Crestron Home Installations - but it has a few bugs.


The Crestron-Bond Integration driver on my GitHub (GitHub - jbasen/Crestron---Bond-Bridge) was only written to support SimplWindows. Since I wrote the Crestron-Bond driver back in 2020 I have done a couple of drivers for Crestron home; which is a completely different architecture. I’m not sure how you are using this driver in Crestron home without running it on a separate, non-home, Crestron processor that is linked with your Crestron home system. Please clarify


Hi jb

SIMPL windows OK we use SIMPL processor with home more often than not, and we have a project right now and a BOND and fans on our bench to rest with.
We will start testing this week and let you know.

HI Jay,

Read your article and got hold of a Bond Bridge. An excellent device. I had all 5 Shade remotes learnt within 10 minutes. controlling via the APP and link to Amazon Alexa.

I’m now trying to the get the Crestron Module to work without success. It looks like I’m connecting and getting data via the Action_List$ although it doesn’t seem to do this correctly. I have 5 devices on the bridge. (see attached)

Just testing in Toolbox so manually pressing Start_initialization followed by Bond_1_Open / Close / Stop etc. No action on the shades.

I’ve set the IP, Token, Names of Device “Shades Office” and Location “Office”

Any thoughts, suggestions or pointers would be helpful


Hi Steve,
Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been on the road all day. A couple of things to check here

  1. Make absolutely sure that Device Name parameter and Device Location parameter are EXACTLY as they appear in the app. This includes case sensitivity, no extra/fewer spaces between words, etc.
  2. As it states in the help for the Device module, you must wait until you get output from the Action_List$ output on the device module before you can pulse any inputs to control your device.
  3. Take a close look at the Action_LIst$ output. This will show you what inputs on the Device module are valid to control your device. If the shade isn’t configured properly, then the open/close actions may not be valid commands to control your shade.
  4. Thanks for including some of your debugging output with the Startup_Debug_Msg_Output set to Console. Please also show the debugging output when you try to pulse, for example, the Open_Action input to the module. It may be easier to capture this output in a Toolbox Text console window. Then it is just text that can be pasted into a msg vs screen shots of the debugger.
  5. I personally don’t have any shades that integrate with the bond bridge. So the testing of shade control was very limited. I have no way of knowing if other people have successfully used the modules with shades or if you are the first person. So, some debugging here may be required.

HI Jay,

No worries, plenty of time to play with this over Xmas.

  1. Names checked and double checked and OK. Captials and lower case etc. There is a Space between the Device Name “Shades Office” Don’t know if that could cause a problem?
  2. Noted 2. Thanks for clarifying
  3. Not sure what the content string is telling me at the moment (copy console output below. Theres no console output when pulsing commands.

Rgds Steve

CP3N>Bond-Get_Devices_List - URL: Bond-Get_Devices_List - response.ContentString: {““:“fe48f205”,“439e2563”:{””:“ad3dfda0”},“0e7480ad”:{““:“2c3999d1”},“277e5e77”:{””:“6c727a55”},“711d79e8”:{““:“5db692a2”},“37724576”:{””:“6ab85a55”}} Bond-Get_Devices_List - Number of Devices Parsed: 0 Bond-Initialize - SUCCESS

OK. The issue is that the code is having trouble parsing the device list. I keep running into issues where the format of the device list seems to vary with different configurations. Let me dig into this more and I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Steve,

I think I fixed the issue. You can download a new version of the bond.clz file here:

Just replace your existing bond.clz file with the new one, recompile all, and give it a try.

Let me know how it goes.



Spot on. You’re a Gent…Worked first time…As soon as the program loaded the output found all the details (pic attached)

Commands Open, Close and Hold effectively Open, Close and stop movement.

Rgds Steve

Glad that worked. I have a couple of additional bugs I have to address and then I’ll post a new version on my Github


V4 has been posted on my GitHub. It includes this fix along with some other bug fixes and added support for StartDecreasingBrightness and StartIncreasingBrightness