Orange Ring on Hub

I noticed my lights were no longer turning on so I looked at the hub and it has an orange ring. I have tried reconnecting it to WiFi a few times. Appears to work but then it runs into a sync error. Anyone know how to get this back running?


Five Solid Orange lights = Unable to Connect to WiFi

Do a Green reset of the Bond Bridge:
This reset is used when you want to connect the BOND unit to a different WiFi network without deleting your devices. This reset is also used if you were not able to connect to your WiFi network and need to start the connection process again.

  • Use a small pointy object such as a toothpick to press and hold the reset switch located in a small hole next to the USB cable connector. Hold it down until the ring turns green (about 5 seconds) and then release.
    DO NOT HOLD IT DOWN LONGER THAN THIS, as it will do a full reset and you will lose your devices.
    If you did the green reset correctly, the ring will next blink white for several seconds and finally return to a flashing green.

  • Open the Bond app and select the + sign to add a new Bond Bridge.
    (None of your current device settings will be changed or removed.)

  • Continue through the setup to re-connect your Bond Bridge to your WiFi.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, I’d suggest reaching out to Bond support ( for next steps.

I have opened a ticket with support. The green reset only appears to reconnect the WifI.