Need help with motion blinds, Bond Bridge Pro and HA integration

Hello everyone. I am really close to getting this to work, but I am missing something.

I am in the USA and have a bond bridge pro set up. I can control my ceiling fan from HA. I have purchased some battery powered blinds from that are motion blinds. I am able to connect them to the Bond app on my phone and control them, but I just cannot figure out how to get them into HA. I see that there is the motion blinds integration, but I think that this only works if I have the motion blinds gateway. When I try to add the motion blinds, it looks for the motion blind gateway. If I try to add another bond, then it tries to add a bond gateway. It seems like I need a generic motorized blind that I can control with the bond gateway.

This must be possible as I can control the blind via the bond app. Any help is much appreciated.


Hey Steve, you may want to post on HA forums. I think you just need to use the HA-Bond integration.

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Hi Steve. This is actually really simple to accomplish. Once you get the devices so you can control them with the Bond app, and it sounds like you are already there, you just need to install the Bond integration from HA and point it to your Bond bridge. You’ll need a couple pieces of info, like the local API key and the IP address of the Bond bridge, but the documentation for the integration walks you through the steps to follow to get that information. Once it knows about the bridge and can talk to it, the integration will create your entities in HA and you can do what you like with them from there.

See Bond - Home Assistant.

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