Minka-Aire SBB or not?

The Minka-Aire description at Amazon seems contradictory to me. They say it is Bond compatible with a hub but use the Smart By Bond logo. Is the latter a mistake? This is the only fan I will control by Bond so I don’t want to buy a hub if it isn’t really necessary.

Here is the Amazon link:


Not sure why it has Smart by Bond icon, when it should just have Bond Home icon when talking about BD-1000 / Bridge, as far as I can tell (looking at the manual etc)?
Product details does list it comes with the RC400, which is just normal RF looks like, but is supported by Bond Bridge.
Sadly, Amazon listings are often a little more obtuse than they should be.

One of the Bond staff members mentioned that all Minka Aire’s Smart by Bond (with the built in WiFi enabled receivers) are at Minka Group® :: FANS :: Smart Fans , and the Xtreme H20 isn’t listed there either.

Thanks for the reply and the confirmation that this fan is not SBB.

Thanks. I’ve reached out, will try to get the trademark use corrected.