Compatibility with MinkaAire F671L-WHF

Hi, I have 3 of these MinkaAire F671L fans in my home and am thinking of purchasing the Bond hub for convenient control because the wall controls for these fans aren’t great. The product page says that these fans are compatible with the BD-1000 as well as other distributor product pages I’ve seen (i.e. Amazon). But the fans don’t come with a remote control, so is it possible to set these fans up with the Bond hub without the remote? If not, then it doesn’t seem appropriate for Minka Aire to label these fans as “compatible”.

Looks like a mistake in the MinkaAire product specs. These are not remote (RF) controlled. You could add a MinkaAire RCS223 kit and a Bond BD-1000.

Thanks. That’s really quite unfortunate since we bought 3 for the house thinking it would be compatible with a remote control. Please update your product pages.



MinkaAire is not a Bond company - if you have time, you could reach out with that feedback to MinkaAire’s customer support.

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