Minka Aire Smart by Bond Device

Customer reported:

I just installed a Minka-Aire Smart by Bond fan. It shows up as a bond device in HS4, but there are no controls.

I wonder, what’s the difference? It’s supposed to use the same protocol?

I see you asked for a screenshot in that thread - hopefully you can get a screenshot of the Bond app screen in addition to HS screens.

(I know my SBB devices do not have a “remote template” like your user is used to seeing on the other devices they have on Bond Bridge)

Also could have the user try manually sending curl commands to get a listing of what Actions are there, to verify if the issue is the device, the Bond API, or the HS plugin getting confused by something.

Yeah, it was /v2/bridge/ command

Ah, okay. SBB doesn’t have that endpoint, and I see in that other forum you’ve updated the plugin to handle the difference.