Map commands to Harmony remote

Does anyone know if it’s possible to map Fan on/off commands to a harmony remote?

The harmony hub / remote can learn IR commands, at least the elite model I have can. Is that what you want to do?

Is it possible? Yes.
Is it super plug and play easy? No.

How do I do it?
With a Hue emulator running on Polyglot Nodeserver on my ISY994i controller, and then having the Harmony app pull the devices from what it thinks as a Hue Bridge and sync to the remote.
How do you get BOND fans and lights on the Hue emulator? Either through the community developed BOND Nodeserver for ISY, or through custom Network Resources and Programs using the BOND API directly.

I have ha-bridge running on a Mac mini, but could not figure it how to add the fans. Is it possible? I have cURL commands being triggered by keystrokes on the Mac, but that relies on Bluetooth and needs to be re-paired to the harmony hub too often to make it practical. Thanks for the informative reply.

I don’t use HA-Bridge - but I’ve heard of Homey or NodeRed being used to sent http commands I think.

What about something like this how-to?

I guess I’m stuck at how to populate the following fields.

Brian, I am going to suggest these values below for you to try; since I don’t run HA-Bridge, I’m sort of extrapolating what I use and attempting to translate.

Target item should be your (replace with correct IP address and DEVICE ID):

HTTP verb should be:

HTTP body should be:

HTTP header should be (replace with your actual token):
[{"BOND-Token": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"}]

Content type should be:

You might try using IFTTT. It is pretty easy to map a Harmony button trigger to all kinds of actions, such as a Bond fan, smart thermostat, etc. Not sure how responsive it would be though. I use IFTTT to turn my fans on or off based on outdoor temperature, and it seems to work pretty well.

Thanks @GreenLantern - that may be a good back up option. IFTTT support for direct Bond integration was sunset as a feature, but I think IFTTT can still call an HTTP command maybe (Webhooks)?

Since you have HA-Bridge, Brian, I’d prefer to use that and thereby keep the command execution local, if I were in your shoes.
Let us know if you can get it working.

Another option although probably overkill if all you use if for is to bridge the Harmony with the Bond is HomeAssistant. I use the bond integration in HomeAssistant. It works very well. Home Assistant also has a Harmony integration, so is should be very straightforward to use the Harmony to initiate actions on the Bond via HomeAssistant. If you are not familiar with HomeAssistant it is an open source home automation system that has integrations for most automation products on the market, runs well on an RPi 4, is in active development with a large community.

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Thanks everyone for all your replies. This community has been super supportive and makes me confident about my decision to purchase the Bond hub.

I was able to get HA Bridge to turn the fans on and off by using the Execute Command/Script option and pointing to a Bash file running a curl command. Here are the commands I use:

On : curl -H “BOND-Token: BONDTOKEN” -i http://BONDIPADDRESS/v2/devices/DEVICEID/actions/SetSpeed -X PUT -d “{“argument”: 1}”

Off: curl -H “BOND-Token: BONDTOKEN” -i http://BONDIPADDRESS/v2/devices/DEVICEID/commands/COMMANDID/tx -X PUT -d {}

Unfortunately, I have not been able to pair my Harmony with HA Bridge. I’ve done this successfully in the past but research has not led me to the promise land yet.

Thanks again