Lutron, Rollease Automate, Sidekick

So I need some help. Thanks to the interior designer, there is a hodgepodge of shade motors in this clients house. We have Somfy, Lutron, Rollease Automate, and Hunter Douglas…I’ll spare the details, but rather unfortunate on a integration standpoint.

However, my primary goal for now, is to obtain a way to simply consolidate the guest bedroom into one central operating feature; such as a Sidekick remote mounted on the wall.

Here is the breakdown of what is installed in the guest bedroom:

  • Lutron Insoltoll - Exterior Window Shade
  • Lutron Triathlon - Desk Blackout Shade
  • Rollease Automate - Desk Bamboo Shade
  • Rollease Automate - Nook Bamboo Shade

Currently, the room has a 4 channel Lutron Remote to control the two Lutron shades and there is a 5 channel Rollease Automate Remote for the other two shades. We do have a Rollease Pulse 2 Hub installed as well.

For guests, it is quite clunky to have to operate two shade remotes in a single room.

I know Lutron traditionally does not play nice with Bond. But has this changed? Can I operate the Lutron shades using the new Bond Bridge Pro and a Sidekick to create a centralized mode of operation? I am willing to go the lengths to create a crazy work around via proxy if I have to…pretty desperate here.

I did notice that Lutron Pico remotes are now being tested in Beta for third party RF control. It seems like Lutron Pico remotes will be able to relay commands to controls already within Bond, but could I perhaps import a lutron shade that is operated via a pico into Bond with this feature?

Greatly appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks in advance.

This may be possible, but only when using another control system like Control4.

Sidekick (in scene mode) → Bond Bridge Pro → Control4 (key-based events) → Lutron.

This sounds like your best option.

Pico → Lutron Shades
same Pico → Bond Bridge Pro → Rollease Shades

You can program the UP button to operate all shades UP, and the DOWN to operate all DOWN. YMMV with the Stop button.

Sorry, this is not possible. We listen to the Lutron Pico packets, but cannot generate them at this time.

BTW, @jmart94 if you’re going to be at CEDIA, do stop by the booth. I’ll be there late Weds thru Fri morning.

Thanks for the input. We currently do have a pico for All Open and All Closed. But doesn’t help with individual.

The home is not outfitted with a central control system like Control4. The home is centered around Alexa integration through various IoT.

Is there a possibility to use HomeKit as a proxy to then go to Bond?

Maybe, TBH I’m not very familiar with HomeKit. I do know we have it in a forever Beta on the BBP, and IIRC it works well with up to 6 shades, and ok up to 20 shades.