Local API Documentation v2.6.32

Release notes for Local API Documentation V2.6.32

  • Fix device and command list examples for the Local API, they’re now properly presented as a list of IDs and hashes
  • Add trust_state , allowing a user to define the Bond’s behavior when it receives a request that does not match its state
  • Remove WiFi config flags ("static_ip_set" etc.) on PUT to sys/wifi/sta . They’re still present on GET so that the user may know whether the WiFi configuration has been saved
  • Move bluelight to the bridge endpoint
  • Add “Smart By Bond” to the glossary

Additionally, some endpoints were documented but unimplemented:

  • PATCH state is now implemented
  • DELETE signal/scan is implemented

trust_state (in devices/x/properties) is the big one here, let use know if you have any feedback on this setting! Here’s the description from the docs:

The scenario: the Bond has a “ToggleLight” command, and the Bond believes the light to be on. The user requests the action “LightOn”. If the Bond trusts its state, it will do nothing, as the light is already on, and sending a toggle command would turn it off. If, however, the Bond does not trust its state, it will send the toggle, and believe that now it knows the true state of the physical device.

"trust_state" set to false is mostly useful if the user intends to use a physical remote together with the Bond and is the default, "trust_state" set to true is mostly useful if the user would like to control their device remotely with complete confidence that what the Bond reports is the device’s actual state.

Currently we are defaulting to false but we’re considering defaulting to true

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One thing I forgot to mention:

The Bond’s token can now be supplied in any request’s body, with the key "_token".

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