iOS BETA v1.110(2) on TestFlight

Is there anything you need tested in this? Or any special tests?

Hey Joel. You beat us to the punch!

The only difference in this app is, firmware v1.110.2, which:

  • improves WiFi firmware
  • fixes a problem with DHCP on certain networks

It also addresses another bug which has caused the BOND to drop off the network for a handful of users, and has an automatic reboot if a firmware crash occurs.

So, if you can try this out, let us know if the “dropping of the network” issue is resolved for you.

Thanks, That is hopefully a quick fix for my problem. I will let you know. Any word on when the State Remotes will work with Alexa?

@merck Any update on the releas of the Beta for Alexa and the State remotes?

Give it a try now. You may need to Discover Devices again.

Just On/Off is supported for Fan/Light, but speed/dimming control coming soon.

Works great! When dimming is ready, will it work with a percentage like speed does?

That’s right! One of the wonderful things about these “state remotes”, they allow that.

Looking forward to getting this finished.You should join the SmartThings forum, as many people have questions. I have been fielding many. But your presence would be welcome.

Is there anything I need to do to get added to test flight?


Edit: please disregard. Found the invitation in my spam folder.