Beta Firmware Available for Smart by Bond

This should be interesting to any community member with a Smart by Bond device with serial starting KV, we have a new feature in this beta firmware. Otherwise, this is a maintenance release with details below.

This is about a Smart by Bond beta firmware. Bond Bridge v2.9.1-beta firmware will be available next week.

The BETA apps are currently available at the following links:



Date : Mon Sep 23 13:08:44 EDT 2019

Changes since v2.7.2

New Features

  • support multiple learned addresses (in breck-volunteer and -quandry only) (#621)
    • The following ONLY effects products with serial numbers starting in KV
    • These products have remote controls without any DIP switches.
    • The remote controls have random addresses assigned at the factory.
    • This left the user without a way to set up multiple remotes on a single fan.
    • The typical use-case is a “3-way switch” where you put a remote on the wall at each entrance to a room.
    • The user can now learn up to 5 remotes to one fan.
    • After learning the 6th remote, the first learned remote will be forgotten.
    • To intentionally remove a remote which was accidentally learned, the user can learn the same remote 5 times. Then only that remote will remain.
    • A future app update will allow visual management of learned remotes.

Bug Fixes

  • preserve SBB learned remote at factory reset (#617)
    • Previously, SBB would forget the learned remote after a factory (or rescue) reset.
    • This was very confusing, especially because the app (currently) defaults to factory reset upon removing a device from the Bond account.
    • Now any learned remotes are preserved even through a factory reset.
    • Rescue reset still causes all learned remotes to be forgotten. Users are not guided to perform this, so the risk is low.
  • updated WiFi driver (ESP-IDF v3.3 LTS) (#600)
    • This should fix any lingering issues with mesh access points, including Google Wifi
    • This likely fixes the “Bond Config AP cannot be joined” issue.
  • fix bug where direction was not remembered after power cycle or reboot (#599)
  • fix crash when no WiFi APs visible (#583)
    • It is unlikely that this impacted any users.
  • fix issue where unit would think it lost its WiFi/server connection (#579)
    • This issue caused the Config AP to appear when it should not.
    • This issue also may have caused devices to become unaccessible for up to 10 minutes after a temporary loss of network connectivity.
    • Connectivity should be improved now, especially for situations with a weak WiFi signal


  • sys/version: add bondid field (#589)
  • debug/remoterx: enable on all SBB targets
  • debug/syslog: add global debug level API (#568)


Date : Thu Jul 25 09:07:34 EDT 2019

This version was not released for fans with serial numbers starting in KS . The changes have been rolled into the v2.9 update.

Changes since v2.6.7.4

  • smoother light dimming when using factory remote
  • WebGUI now supports static IP & DNS settings
  • improvements to Local API
  • many bugfixes and performance improvements

No magic fix for the KM SBBs, correct?

Sadly no. Those original beta units would need a reflash.