Hunter fan with remote & remote reverse "swapped"

Bond Home offered a workable choice including remote-controlled reverse, but the “summer” & “winter” directions are reversed on the Bond app. Toggling the remote to attempt sync is no help.

Hey @a2cents. Welcome!

Can you tell us the model number of your fan? Also, the “template” information from the Device Setting screen?

(Note: our Customer Support may be a better place to reach out for fast support.)

The fan is a Hunter “Overture” model # 59646 (nice fan)… template “RCF119v2”

Ok thanks. One more thing, can you share a photo of the front and back of the remote? Maybe it’s slightly different than the remote we based the RCF119v2 template on.


Wait, I’m a little confused. Two questions (1) Are you able to reverse fan the using that remote control? and (2) does your fan motor have a physical reverse switch on it?