How to update Bond when a Somfy Shade is replaced

Bond operated my blinds perfectly but I recently had to replace a motor and when I use the remote to operate the shades to move as a group it works fine but I tried to re-program the same command in Bond by editing commands and it is not working.

Is there any way to wipe out an entire section on Bond and totally re-program it without doing a master reset?


Hey @smess , I have some experience with this. Since everything is working for you with the Somfy remote (including the new motor in the group), have you tried adding the group (whichever number that is on the remote), as a new Bond device, so basically pairing the group via the remote as if it’s brand new?

If that works, you can then delete the old Bond device for the previous group you had setup?


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For the record, I’d recommend using the “Pair” command (hidden under the tripple-dot menu in Device Settings) to pair your existing Bond virtual device to the new Somfy motor.