How to make fans turn on with nest

I have the Olibra BD-1000 Bond Smart Home Wifi Hub. i am wondering how i can get this to work with my nest thermostat, so my fans turn on when nest tells them to. i already connected my fans and they work through the Alexa app. i do not have google home. every time i try to pair them from the works with nest page, i get a network error and they dont connect. i tried 5 times with no luck

Works with Nest was shut down by Nest / Google last year, despite a huge outcry from the community and commercial partners. A few of us managed to hang on to integrations beyond that date as long as we didn’t touch them; however, it is nearly (if not completely) impossible to set up new integrations.

Supposedly later this year, Works with Google Assistant will enable some of the same integrations for DIY enthusiasts as well as select commercial partners. – look for the “Individual Device Access Sandbox” blurb at the bottom.