Google home showing fan offline but light working

My fans have stopped working via google. Google Home is show the fans as offline. However the lights are fine and google can control them without issue.

Anyone have a thought on this. I restarted the Bond several times with no luck. Will I need to delete the bond from the google home and read it. It doesn’t make sense to me since the lights are working. I have three fans like this now.


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Are you using the V2 app, V2 firmware, and V2 Google Action (new Bond logo like the forums, not old one)? There was a problem just like you described with the V1 system.

I get similar issues with Alexa, Hubitat, and the Bond App. Apparently the Bond will lose connection to the cloud service, but it will still work in a limited state. The status LED ring on top will not show the Bond is offline, but if you power cycle the Bond, everything starts working again.