HomeKit on Beta!

The other thing I’m trying to figure out, because I also have Rollease wall-mounted remotes—is Bond Bridge Pro like the original Bond Bridge where if a non-Bond channel adjusts the blinds, the Bond Bridge Pro will get out of phase and not behave correctly?


  1. I open a blind with Bond Bridge Pro → it opens
  2. I close the blind with the first-party wall remote → it closes
  3. I open the blind with Bond Bridge Pro (or I ask Siri to) → it stays closed because Bond still thinks it’s open

Or is there bidirectional communication happening to check the blind status?

Hey @Searls ,

Thank you for all the info, we really appreciate the feedback!

About the issue with the “No Response”, the workaround right now is to, as @JazJonFL said, buy another Bond Bridge Pro and split the devices, or you can combine the shades so you can control them together and reduce the number of devices.

About the Bond being out of phase with the Rollease, this is planned to be implemented soon, but I don’t have any timeframe or estimate right now.

Let me know if I can help you to have a better experience with HomeKit integration or anything else Bond related :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Do you have any leads on what might be causing this? It’s hard to imagine this is a HomeKit limitation given pro Lutron bridges being able to support hundreds of devices directly and HomeBridge (including the homebridge-bond and homebridge-blinds plugins when used to control Bond bridges) being able to support hundreds without exhibiting the same behavior?

We bet it is some limitations of the SDK we’re using, or in the way we’re using it.
We have plans to improve it later too, just didn’t have the time yet.

I need help figuring out why I can’t re-add the Bond beta Bridge to Home
(I temp deleted it)

I click + Add Accessory, More Options, and it’s not listed there. I tried entering it by code as well, didn’t help.

The reason I deleted the Bond beta Bridge was because of the following.

I was messing around with the HomeBridge BOND plugin to add celling fans to homekit. I’ve had it installed for months but could only get 1 or 2 fans to show up out of 9.

BOND HomeBridge Errors, Can someone kindly help interpret these logs for me? · Discussion #205 · aarons22/homebridge-bond (github.com)
(scroll back up a bit to see the many months long history)

As you can see I gave up on HomeBridge with the Bond plugin today, and installed HomeAssistant with Bond plugin. That did the trick, all my ceiling fans were added and respond perfectly in homekit.

I noticed Shades were supported in HomeAssitant Bond as well, so I gave it a shot. For some reason shades won’t open to 100%, only 92’ish%. Also some shades won’t open once closed. Because of this I decided to remove the Bond Beta bridge to see if that helped. (it didn’t) So I disabled all the shade devices in HomeAssitant and left the ceiling fans only.

The problem is now I can’t re-add the Bond beta Bridge in the homeapp. I even turned HomeAssitant Pi box off, that didn’t help either. I tried to toggle the make accessory discoverable by homekit in the Bond iOS app. That didn’t help. I tried power cycling the Bond Pro. That didn’t help either.

What do I do or reset next to get it to show up again? Any ideas?

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Hey @JazJonFL

I believe that you already reset the HomeKit info in the Bond app, right?
If not, you can do it on the Bridge Settings screen. And it may be worth mentioning that you need to be in the same network that the Bond is connected to.

One possible cause is the “devices limit”… How many devices do you have on the Bond?

Can you help confirm what that involves exactly? Does that just mean toggling the switch under Settings, Manage Intergrations, HomeKit? Is there a way to reset/delete something else further?

I have the same device count I did when I first started Bond Pro and the Beta and I was able to discover everything fine originally.
15 Shades
9 Ceiling fans

By the way, the HomeAssistant Bond is working pretty well for everything right now. All 9 ceiling fans respond and show accurate status in the Home app. All 15 shades work and show accurate status in the Home app. (never see the Not Responding message)

The only bug for HomeAssitant Bond plugin with shades currently is some shades don’t open when they are closed. It’s a known issue and the work around is it set my scenes to open shades to 99%. There is some value you can hack too. See the following post:
Bond integration not allowing me to set cover position to 100 · Issue #84661 · home-assistant/core (github.com)

Maybe you can analyze a HomeAssistant Bond setup environment and see how they are able to get all devices working well without the Not Responding message with a high device count.

Bond - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)
I setup a new Raspberry Pi 4

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In both Settings and Manage Integrations screens, you can swipe the cell to the left and a “Reset” will show.
Tap it and confirm to reset the HomeKit info. You should be able to add it back again to Home app.

Great to read about the HomeAssistant!!
Will look into that next week.

Hi, When will the HomeKit feature be in an official release ?
When will I be able to add a ceiling fan using HomeKit ?

The bond beta app expired and no longer works. I don’t see an updated version in TestFlight.

@JazJonFL Thanks for reporting!

Just requested Apple’s review for a new public beta build. Should be available in TestFlight in some hours (or day - Apple sometimes surprises us).

There is no timeframe for it to be official yet.
We may work on some improvements in the following months, but not sure that we’ll make it stable enough to “get it out of beta” and support ceiling fans too.
In the meantime, @JazJonFL was able to integrate ceiling fans into the Home app’s routines using the Siri Shortcuts. Not sure if that can help you.

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Yes shortcuts are working for ceiling fans. The trick is to name a shortcut your main voice command such a “good morning”. The shortcut can then run a HomeKit scene in addition to other actions or even other shortcuts within shortcuts. My good morning scene is named “rise and shine”. And the “good morning” shortcut runs the rise and shine scene among other actions and shortcuts.

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