Homebridge plugin 3.0.0 in beta!

I maintain the homebridge-bond plugin, and I just released a beta version of the 3.0.0 release. Most of the plugin has been re-written to be more scalable for different device types and use cases. There are also a few new features:

  • BPUP Support!
    • This keeps the state of the HomeKit device in lockstep with the Bond, and it reduces the number of API calls by 3x! The end result is a much more seamless experience and (hopefully) fewer instances of “No Response” or “Loading” on your Home tiles
    • This also has the side effect of preventing HomeKit from polling the same device for multiple state attributes (for users with a lot devices, this is going to be very noticeable).
  • Ability to fix state
    • If BPUP doesn’t solve all of your device state woes (for example, with a device that is also controlled by a remove), you can enable the include_toggle_state option in your config, which will add a toggle switch to your device in HomeKit. This is available for any device that has power, light or open device states (essentially everything except fans and dimmers).

To opt into beta, run:

npm install -g homebridge-bond@3.0.0-beta.0

If you run into issues, please respond to the GitHub ticket here with as many details as possible.