Home Assistant integration becomes unstable recently

I have scheduled to auto open ~10 shades in the morning, It has been working well, and recently I noticed that it often fails after openning 1 or few shades.

Below is one log from today, and it only opened 2 shades, then stopped because an error, which is 9.33s, and it matches the 10s rule that I discovered previously.

Is this an limitation of Bond Bridge Pro, or something?

Do you happen to know the old/new fw versions?

Checked, I am on, seems latest. I don’t know when it had last FW update, the issue does come out in the past few days.

Thanks. And, do you know some more detail on the error? Can HA not reach the Bond? or timeout, or 400/500 error?

I checked HA logbook, it only shows 2 shades were opened (matches the above screenshot), and does not show errors. So the only error I can find is in the above screenshot.

I cannot find anything else from HA UI

In your Home Assistant automation, have you tried adding a 200ms delay after each shade open/close command?

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Good point. Let me try it out and test for a few days

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Did you get anywhere with this?

I ended up spliting the actions into steps, and set 200ms delay between, and then set a retry of the same automation after 2 minutes.

So far, works.

Interesting, thank you. I’ve had a couple of instances of blinds not responding properly, and I do have some automated to operate at the same time. I’ll have to try this if problems continue.

Hmmm, just had one issue again. HA shows it’s successfully send all 10+ commands to Bond (to close 10+ shades), but 3 of the shades were not closed.

Oh dear, that’s no good!

Noticed another failure. One drapery wasn’t opened, even I have a retry after 2 minutes…

HA didn’t show error, likely means HA thought it sent to Bond Bridge Pro successfully, but Bond bridge wasn’t able to process.

Hopefully the Bond people will supply some more troubleshooting steps.

We don’t push FW updates from our end, except in exceptional circumstances (sec related) where we always send an email explaining to the registered email on the account.