Home Assistant automation fails after 10 seconds


I set in home assistant to auto open/close all my shades at certain time. But I noticed that every time it triggers only some of the shades are opened/closed, and the logs shows, HA gets error after 10 seconds.

I wonder if this 10s limit is due to Bond Bridge Pro, or due to HA, and how to fix it? Thanks!

I have 20+ motorized shades that needs to be opened/closed every day.

Another screenshot that stops at 9.99s. I have more such logs that shows it gets error at ~10s

I think alternative options is to split the actions into 2-3 automations, and have some delay, so each time, it sends a fewer to Bond to not exceed 10s. But I’d like to see better solution than this

More than 10 parallel connection attempts will probably error out, because the Bond only handles one request at a time (single-threaded HTTP server), so the other connections just keep trying. This doesn’t bother the Bridge but it may time out on the HA side. May be better to serially make the requests, or use at most 2 simultaneous HTTP requests as we do on the Bond Home app.