Home Assistant error

I am attempting to add Bond integration into Home Assistant. I have installed Bond bridge module. When it asks for Host (I enter local IP address of Bond) and Access token (Found in bond app) It instantly comes back with Unexpected error and will not go past.

I believe in rare cases, power cycling the BOND Bridge and rechecking the IP and token have helped some folks with initial setup (shouldn’t change but… gremlins?).
However, I don’t have HA; the HA plugin folks and forums may have a bit more insight.
@nguyer - are you still one of the folks working on the HA plugin?

I have power cycled the device and I’m given the same error message. A friend of mine brought over an unused hubitat and it is also unable to link up. Maybe I need to do more troubleshooting on the Bond.

Are you familiar with command line and have an available computer you’re willing to use to test out some basic commands? We can troubleshoot there to eliminate (or reveal) Bond or network or token being the issue.

Yes willing and able to do that.

If you have curl installed on the machine / OS you’re using already, then this should get us started and return some details:

curl -H “BOND-Token: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" -i http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/v2/devices/

where aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is your 16 character BOND local token, and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is its IP address.

If that fails, you should at least be able to hit this node even without the token header, and see some information returned:
curl -i http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/v2/sys/version/

This is what was returned:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Content-Length: 0

This is what was returned:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 230
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

{“target”:“zermatt”,“fw_ver”:“v2.10.21”,“fw_date”:“Wed Feb 19 15:31:13 UTC 2020”,“uptime_s”:138533,“make”:“Olibra”,“model”:“BD-1000”,“branding_profile”:“O_BD-1000”,“bondid”:“ZZBL42337”,“upgrade_http”:true,“api”:2,"_":“6cfe883b”}

Knowing this maybe the local token from app isn’t matching Bond device?

If you power cycle the device, and within 10 minutes of power up use this command, the token can be returned via:

curl -i http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/v2/token

(It will be the data piece named “token” :grin: - if that’s missing, it’s been more than 10 minutes)

This returned a different token than displayed in Bond app.

When using this newly discovered Token I was able to add to HA.

Thank you so much for the troubleshooting.

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Thanks for working with me, @cmiz!

@jacob / @marcio / @endy : here’s an example of the rarely reported “app reports an incorrect / different token” issue.

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Hopefully this helps Bond engineers fix this in the future.

Oh wow. Doing some digging looks like our backend is not saving the token correctly! I’ll let the responsible engineers know, thanks for the tip!

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