Fix Tracked State missing items

For my fan, “Fixed Track State” shows the power status for the Light, but that’s it. No Direction or Speed state is indicated. For Speed, this is not a problem for my fan because I can set the speed directly. However, for Direction, the only command from my remote is toggle direction, so the the Bond Bridge is (or should be) tracking the Direction state. Why is it not listed in the Fixed Track State so that I can fix it after power cycle (always gets set to “Reverse”)?

Right, that needs to be expanded. We just went with light to start because it is by far the most common use case of this feature, but we need to fill in the gaps now. I’ll relay this to the mobile team.

Interesting, the state should persist past a reboot! Could you PM me your Bond ID so I can see if I can reproduce what you’re seeing?

I will PM my Bond ID. However, as is normally the case in these things, I tried power cycling my bridge twice, once at exactly 6:15 EST and once at 7:15 EST (the second unpowered for up to 20s), and both times the correct state for light and direction were persisted. I guess it could be the testing of my integration screwing it up somehow, but I don’t see how that would be the case. I will keep an eye on it.

Any progress on expanding Tracked State?