Fix State from Hubitat or SmartThings

I have one fan bulb that consistently gets out of sync but amazingly doesn’t ever get back in sync. Is it possible to do a Fix State from Hubitat or SmartThings without having to go into the Bond Home app? Hubitat is the preference.

I posted similar on Hubitat forum.

From our end, sure. The state can be PATCHed to correct Bond Bridge’s belief.

Do you have some insight into why the light gets out of sync? Is the toggle unreliable? Or are you using the factory remote?

I think the problem is just a continuation of a previous post where I was finding interference between the Pico’s transmitting of a button push and the Bond hub sending the command to the fan. I swapped the Pico for a Eria Dimmer and haven’t had the problem since. However, I am still curious if there is a way to fix the state using Hubitat without having to open the Bond app. For example, flip a virtual switch that changes the state of the fan without actually sending a command to turn fan off/on.

That’s up to the Hubitat integration developer. (@dman2306)

Aha I understand now. Unfortunately it’s just a fact of life with 1-way controls. The Smart Zaby Bond fans really shine in this regard.