Fireplace help please! Skytech 1001-A gas fireplace remote

Dropped our gas fireplace remote and ordered a replacement. Same brand as the broken one. I have checked and replaced batteries, paired it, reset the receiver and changed the receiver box. It will not turn our fireplace on. Any ideas? Should the toggle switch, that is located near the receiver box, be in the ON or OFF position? Really trying to avoid calling a repairman. It seems so simple. Please help!

Are you talking about the new remote will not directly control the fireplace?
Or are you saying that since the new remote arrived, it works but a Bond Bridge integration / pairing you had no longer is able to control the fireplace?

The new remote is working/has power but does not operate the fireplace. Will not turn on the fireplace.

You may need to talk to Skytech support if these steps do not help you resolve the issue.
Their number appears to be 877-374-9002.

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