Fatal error related to HomeKit integration

I see this error in the Bond Bridge Pro device logs when I try to Open or Close shades using the iOS app or via the API. I’m on v3.13.1-beta firmware. This fatal error happens intermittently and causes the bridge to restart.

1050536: [022b10a6149b2eae iOS-AWS GET 200 U /devices/fbaf1dacd5ec93f6]
1051858: [022b10fab838d504 iOS-AWS PUT 200 D /devices/fbaf1dacd5ec93f6/commands/d873498236aec10e/tx]
1051892: [022b10fab838d504 iOS-STA PUT 200 D /devices/fbaf1dacd5ec93f6/commands/d873498236aec10e/tx]
1051959: RFMan:198 : USER : rfman_task: waiting for more signals
1052008: [050000f35fb9d7a9 Bond-AWS GET 200 Ub /devices/fbaf1dacd5ec93f6/state]
1052026: [050000f35fb9d7a9 Bond-CLI GET 200 Ub /devices/fbaf1dacd5ec93f6/state]
1052038: BHK:87 : ERROR: Internal Homekit Error: [com.apple.mfi.HomeKit.Platform:Log] Loopback client socket failed (log, call ‘bind’).:23:(null) - HAPPlatformRunLoopScheduleCallback @ /root/project/proto/BHK/esp-apple-homekit-adk/port/src/HAPPlatformRunLoop.c:690
1052045: BHK:90 : WARN : Internal Homekit Warning/Fault: [NULL:NULL] fatal error - HAPPlatformRunLoopScheduleCallback @ /root/project/proto/BHK/esp-apple-homekit-adk/port/src/HAPPlatformRunLoop.c:691

@endy - this something you’ve seen?
I don’t use the HomeKit integration.

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I remember having a reboot similar when having a lot of devices in my Bond, but it was rare to happen…

@vpulim can you share how many devices do you have on your Bond bridge? If you prefer I can do some logs checks over here, but need your permission and the Bond ID :slight_smile:

(@residualimages thanks for tagging me!)

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@endy I have 16 devices. My Bond ID is ZPFE89144 and yes you have my permission to look at my logs. Thanks for looking into this.

In terms of frequency of the error, it happens fairly frequently for me (usually every few minutes), after which the device reboots and things work fine again until the next reboot.

By the way, I disabled the HomeKit integration to prevent the reboots, but I can re-enable it if you need to see the fatal error again in the logs.


The logs didn’t help me too much, unfortunately…

Is the fatal error still happening after disabling HomeKit?
Also, do you notice if it happens more when performing only one action or a “sequence” of actions?


The fatal error stopped occurring after disabling HomeKit and the bond bridge hasn’t rebooted since.

The error occurred on the first action performed (Open or Close on a single shade) after a period of inactivity. If it makes a difference, my Bond Bridge Pro is connected to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

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Great to know!

Will share with the eng team in our meeting next week.
How critical is the HomeKit integration for you?

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@endy, sorry I missed your reply, and thanks for sharing with the team. The HomeKit integration is pretty critical for me since I’d like to avoid the alternative of setting up a homebridge server that controls my shades via the Bond Bridge. My goal is system reliability and I’d like to avoid running another server if possible.