Fanimation 31-speed fan

I have a Fanimation 31-speed fan. Currently I have 2 fans programmed to at least get 12 speeds. 1st fan does light (no dimming because it is controlled like the fan), direction (had to use the top-light because it has a winter and summer buttons), and the 1st 6 speeds. The second fan is used to control the highest 6 speeds. I would really like to see this fan/remote fully integrated in the Bond Bridge. The remote is a Fanimation TW205 (FCCID: KUJCE10307)

:astonished: I thought my 6 speed Fanimation was mildly impressive.

#speedShamed haha

Stating the obvious, you could assign 6->31, 1->1 and skip around in between, and then you have a “6 speed” emulation for your fan. But I guess that’s what you mean by less than “fully integrated”.

We have not added more than 9 speeds in the app because with all those individual buttons, the control experience drops off. That said, in the V2 Bond Home app we intend to have a slider option for speed control, which would make this doable.

You could program the extra speeds over the Local API and then use them with some 3-rd party integration, but again, that’s not the experience you should expect.

I like the slider option. Will it have user-defined number of discrete ‘ticks’?