Ceiling fan Increase / Decrease not setting

Hi all, New to Bond Home and have it set up for a few ceiling fans. I can get the light on/off and fan on/of functions working but cannot seem to get Bond to capture the increase speed or decrease speed control.

The fan does not seem to increase or decrease in speed. It comes on if press either button through the app and that’s it.

My remotes for the fans (i have two different models) appear to need the increase + / decrease - buttons pressed twice almost like a wake up for the first press, then the actual increase or decrease on the second press. The bond is capturing something but not what i need.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. I have had a look through the BOND V2 API for settingg but not sure what i would be looking for to see how it is set.

If the original remote needs two presses, then I wonder if we just modify the recorded commands to send a repetition of 2 if it would work.

If you tap the speed increase or decrease twice in the Bond app, does it function like the original remote and actually make the fan motor change? Or not even then?

Also, in the Settings of the device itself in the Bond app, under Advanced, do you see a template listed like so (mine lists A1 in this example)?

Yeah tried that, doesn’t work :upside_down_face:

Did a bit of playing around. If i use the physical remote and put the fan on speed 3 (has 6 speeds) and press increase speed button through the bond app, it drops back to fan speed 1. If i perform the same scenario and press the decrease speed button the bond app, it drops back to fan speed 1.

With your other question about the used template, i don’t have one listed.
Not sure what to check next?

I suspect that yours is like mine. Even though it has increase / decrease, what it’s really doing is setting it to a value (Speed 1, Speed 2, …). Try setting the remote to the lowest speed, then record the increase push as Speed 2, then push it again and record as Speed 3, for all the speeds the fan supports.

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Ok thanks for input.

So just add them as speed buttons

1 2 3 4 etc



So after a bit of hit and miss getting the Bond bridge to capture the signal for each speed i got one fan set up with all 6 speeds. Wish there was an easier way to do this, like a copy paste function. I have 4 more fans to set up.

This is why i wished i could get the increase and decrease setup going. Is there anyone on here from Bond that could help with this?

Is there someone here that could share their setup from the Bond Local API for a fan that has increase and decrease working below is mine (not working);
{“name”:“Decrease Speed”,“action”:“DecreaseSpeed”,“argument”:1,“button_type”:“tap”,“category_name”:“Fan”,“feedback”:"",“icon”:“speed_down”,“hidden”:false,"":“779ecd55”,“signal”:{"":“6b50b18a”},“tx”:{"_":“0e9df930”}}

{“name”:“Increase Speed”,“action”:“IncreaseSpeed”,“argument”:1,“button_type”:“tap”,“category_name”:“Fan”,“feedback”:"",“icon”:“speed_up”,“hidden”:false,"":“9e860ab4”,“signal”:{"":“c228170d”},“tx”:{"_":“4d55a320”}}

Many thanks.

If the original fan doesn’t have an ‘increase’ or ‘decrease’ speed signal (but instead keeps track of speed number and sends a discrete command for Speed 1, Speed 2, Speed 3, etc appropriate to a physical remote +/- button being pressed), then Bond can’t really make one happen.

Also, if you’re willing, there are ways to copy at least commands via command line (API), which I’ve used to painstakingly recreate a copy of a device that was challenging to record the remote originally.

Though note, if there are different dip switch settings so that each of the 5 fans is independently controlled with only their own remote … You might not really have a way around raw recording each fan.

Hi Matt,
Thanks again for your help with this. I am interested to try the copy command if you can help me with that. I haven’t seen this.

My fans are made by an Australian company called Arlec. There are no dip switches for multiple fans but they pair to each fan controller.

Again your assistance is greatly appreciated.



All I’ve done before to copy commands is to “read” what is there and “write” each command one by one back to a new device (all reads and writes done by command line API calls).

I’m hesitant to say this will work for you since each fan is sending a unique / paired signal. :confused:

OK thanks i’ll see what i can do. Might have to do this all manually.