Fanimation Fansync Wifi

Hi all, does anyone know if there’s a way to get Bond to control a Fanimation Fansync Wifi fan? It doesn’t have a remote and works through an app. Would like all my fans to be in Bond, but thinking that there’s not currently a way to link this one up. Thx!

No, that receiver is proprietary. Additional options are limited if it is a DC motor fan like many of the Fanimation models are (if the fan is an AC motor, then universal Smart By Bond integrated kits and/or a universal RF kit + Bond Bridge would serve you well, though with possible only 3 or 4 speeds to choose from vs however many your current remote/receiver provides).

Assuming it is a DC motor fan and that you have a Bond Bridge already (guessing so based on your wording), you could ask Fanimation which one of their official RF (non WiFi, non Bluetooth) receiver kits are compatible, and switch out to one of those in the ceiling - then pair with your Bond Bridge.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think it is DC. I have any speed from 0-100% through the fanimation app, so that is nice. The app interfaces with Google home which is nice, but it doesn’t always seem to work. Think I’ll just stick with that for now instead of changing out the hardware.