Dimming Control

Via the beta Local API on the BOND Bridge, I can successfully control light toggle on and off, and I can initiate a light dimming (which just cycles up and down until I send a light on/off toggle command).

However, how can I send a “Stop Dimming” using the Command tx currently available in the API? Or must we wait until the “Action” nodes are available before this is feasible?

I see that I could DELETE /v2/signal/tx but that seems heavy handed to cancel all signals vs sending the release / “Stop” action directly to this device.

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Can you describe how you were able to fit the device inside the fan canopy without interference from the rotating core of the fan? Did you mount the device above the ceiling in the attic?

I have the same question.

@residualimages Indeed the DELETE signal/tx is the only method currently available to “stop” dimming.

@vmsman: @residualimages’s post is refers to BOND Bridge rather than Powered-by-BOND.

Well, that works now. Holding one of my keypad buttons to cycle dimming (sending the device/Command/ tx for dimming), and then releasing the button (and sending the DELETE /signal/tx) ends the dimming.