Devices don't remove from Google Home

I deleted 3 devices tied to my bond and replaced them with Bond Smart Fans but the 3 remotes that I had programmed to the Bond while deleted the Bond, still show in the Google Home app and there is no way to delete them. I have tried relinking the skill (but I didn’t delete it first) and still nothing.

Thoughts? Is there a way for you to manually “kick it” on the backend?

Hey, yeah, it looks like your Bond Bridge (along with your old devices) is still linked to your account in our backend. It’s just not connected to the internet.

We can definitely remove it from your account for you, but we’re just wondering: do you still see it in the Bond Home app? If so, you can remove it there.

Just confirm for me that you’re no longer using your Bond Bridge and we’ll remove it from your account.

I am still using my bond bridge - its online and it works! I am ONLY using it for a shade.

All other devices I deleted from the app and they are showing gone in the app.

Okay! Let’s take this to PMs to dig deeper.

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Go here to unlink your account then try again: