Device not shown in the cli or api

I have 3 devices that show up in my bond app. however, only 2 of them show up in the cli and the api. The third device doesn’t seem to exist. It’s a weird ceiling fan controller that seems to be stateful, unlike most of them.

I’m trying to figure out if I can make commands to do stuff like “set brightness to 50%” and “set brightness to 100%”

Looks like you’ve got a legacy cloud device. I recommend you upgrade to the latest firmware and re-record your remote. (note: best not to delete the cloud device yet)

Upon accepting the remote this time, you should have a local device, and you’re good to go to remove the cloud device.

Yep, the in-app brightness controls should be “Increase/Decrease Brightness by 20%”, but behind the scenes you’ll have control over the full range of 20-100%

Upgrade to the latest firmware, or latest beta firmware? I’ve got 2.10.21 currently.

Is there somewhere that lists the current beta firmware?

Yeah just the latest regular firmware, 2.10.21 should be good.

I sometimes publish Beta release notes here, but admittedly we need a better process to publish firmware release notes. Something that could be seen in-app would be nice.

Is there a such thing as a bond remote? I want a physical device with buttons that can issue bond commands. (I have a wifi keypad I made but it’s not great, would prefer something better).

after adding this device again, I can see it in the api and there’s a setbrightness for this remote, which is awesome, exactly what I was looking for! This remote seems to be packet based / stateful, and sends a packet containing the entire state to the fan each time (which is ideal for bond). bond thinks the brightness is 100%, so I can use bond / alexa to turn the light on and off at 100%, and the original remote to turn it on and off at 30%, and not have to deal with the original remote’s terrible brightness control, which the interface is still “hold to change the brightness”. I think I can add commands to directly set brightness, so I can have one to go right to 30% and one to go right to 100%, but haven’t had a chance to try that yet. Hopefully I can get widget buttons for those :slight_smile:

most of my remotes are hold the light button to change the brightness, so those only have “startDimmer” and “stop” actions.

can the bond cli issue any actions, or has that not been added yet?