Device ID Integration app


I pair a fan ceeling to bond app, the ceeling fan its “Smart by bond” i try to integrate fan to smart home app but need “Device ID” of ceeling fan the Bond App only show Bond ID but need Device ID,

anybody have idea how found the “Device ID”?

For Smart by Bond devices, from the API side they kinda look like a Bond Bridge with 1 device – so the device ID of a Smart by Bond device should always just be “1”.

Device ID shouldn’t be needed directly by most things, unless you’re trying to integrate the Bond with a third-party control system via API; those typically just list out all Devices found once you give the Bond ID (Smart by Bond [so 1 device] or a Bond Bridge [1 or more devices]) and the API’s Auth / Local Token (which is also available in the Bond app), but if they need a Device ID, try 1.
I’ve seen an example or two of needing to do that, depending on how someone wrote the integration.