Delay between calls

Using v2 API, FW v2.10.8 on Zermatt bridge, it seems I have to introduce a delay between the PUT for executing an Action and a GET for the State. I can make multiple GETs in a row with not problem. But if I do a PUT for execute Action and then turn right around on a good return code (204) and do a GET for the State, I get an “‘Connection aborted.’, BadStatusLine(”’’",)" in Python. This seems like the Bond is returning bad data to the GET.

Doesn’t take a big delay - 200 ms seems to do it. But is this normal and do you have an official recommendation on this? Seems like the developer of the mobile app may have experienced this problem too.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @kingwr, you should be able to make the follow up GET request immediately!

What would be useful is, doing a wireshark capture so we can see the exact request/response from the Bond. NOTE: you will want to set a capture filter on Bond’s IP or MAC to reduce the noise and avoid capturing sensitive data.