Dealers Setting up Customer Shades

Are there any issues with dealers creating accounts for customer and programming shades during installation using the dealers devise? Is there a “Professional” mode like Lutron has? Using the Rollease hub, there can be issues when the dealer and customer use iphones. Wondered if you can just log out of the dealers account and create new one for the customer without issues.

Yes, this is what some dealers are doing right now. You just have to “green reset” the Bridge and then re-add it to WiFi/Ethernet on the customer’s account. The end-user then needs to do the linking to Alexa/GH themselves. Connection to Control4 etc would be undisturbed by the change of account because the local token does not change unless you do a full “white” reset.

Alternatively you can create the end-user’s account for them, and set it up on your phone and then give them the credentials to log in. Easier for end user, but then you do have their password which may or may not be a problem.