Create a series of commands in Bond app

I have a blind that I want to close, but only part way. So I want to send the ‘close’ command, wait 10 seconds, and send a ‘stop’ command. Is there a way to script this? Thanks!

Hi @harryk !

We have this included in the Bond Bridge Pro!
The remote screen shows as a slider and you can use percentage with the voice assistants too.

Let me know if I can help you better with this :slight_smile:

I have to buy new hardware to support this?! This capability seems more like a software/firmware feature than a hardware one, right? Or does Bond limit the functionality of the device I have? Ughh, I wish I had known this before purchasing the one I have. Do you take trade-ins?! I am not buying a second $400 device for this simple capability.

Unfortunately, we don’t take trade-ins yet.

Are you using integrations other than Google Home or Alexa? There is a custom component on Home Assistant that may be a solution!