Solved Garage door control

If anyone is interested I can tell you how I got the Bond to open/close (control) my garage door.

Very interested. It would allow me to get rid of one more device if I could get the bond hub to control my garage doors.

When you go into the Bond app, tap the remote control picture. Then the bond bridge icon. Scroll down to the Generic Device and tap on it. Enter the information you want in the location and device name. Hit continue. 3 icons should come up. Tap on power on (Don’t know about your MyQ system, most garage doors have only one signal for both open and close). Hold your remote to the Bond to pair it (a side note is that if you pick the Bond straight up and hold the remote to the bottom of the Bond it will pair easier and quicker). Use only the power on button to open and close the door. Hopefully this will work for you. If using Amazon Alexa, after setting up the Bond in it, to open and close the garage door say Alexa turn on the garage door. You can get into Alexa and change the phrase from turn on the garage door to open the garage door and close the garage door. Good luck. Let me know if this works for your door.

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Thank you. I’m going to give it a shot and see.

I’ll have to update a few of my scripts to handle my integration but if I can just send the command via this, it will be great.

You can also add it as a Blinds device.

This will give you “Open garage door” and “close garage door” and “stop garage door”.
I have the same signal for all 3, because my garage door works the same as mentioned above (single command for all 3 behaviors).

That’s how I have mine working on Google assistant.

An explanation for users who find that this doesn’t work for them: This only works for a subset of garage door remotes that always send the same signal. For those with a code that changes on every press (a “rolling” code), this won’t work for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the clarification.

I just gave this a shot and realized that was the case with the MyQ garage doors. Was worth a try.

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