Craftmade Fan - DC Wall Remote

I just installed a few Craftmade fans in my home and the model that was installed has a DC 6-speed motor with built-in Bond functionality and a WIDC remote.

I love the Bond control so far, but a minor annoyance is the fact that it only came with the WIDC remote instead of also including wall controller like the fans it replaced. I asked customer service if I could order this DC wall switch since the buttons appear to be the exact same as the WIDC remote and the specs show that the wall switch would just need a simple 2-wire installation and a 12V battery to control. That DC wall switch seems to match how the fan is currently used since it just needs to be turned on via a simple switch before being controlled by the remote or Bond, but customer service told me that they didn’t sell a wall switch product that would work for this model… is there a reason the proposed solution wouldn’t work? The only thing I could think of is that the DC wall switch might not be using the same frequency that the WIDC remote control is operating on or that there is a 2 device limit, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experience with this or might have a better idea for wall control.

There’s a Fanimation DC wall control on Amazon that appears to be identical as the Craftmade one linked above, and at least one review described a similar situation to mine, but could not confirm that theirs had the integrated Bond WiFi capability so I could not be sure. Any help would be appreciated!

I was limited in links, so here is the WIDC remote and the comparable Fanimation DC wall control product on Amazon similar to the Craftmade one linked above.