Config AP still active and device stuck in setup mode

I have a totally offline home automation setup. I bought a Bond a few months ago but “offline mode” wasn’t available at that time but now I thought I’d try again after reading the release notes for v3. So I just updated to 3.3.19 in the hopes that I could turn off the Config AP broadcast. However, it is still enabled so I’m not sure what is wrong. I’ve disabled MQTT which says that it should disable the Config AP. I also disabled the Watchdog for good measure. And I rebooted a number of times. But the device just blinks greens and broadcasts. That indicates it is in setup mode but I’ve already configured it to connect to my wifi. So it’s connected but still in setup mode. This device has never been connected to the internet or the Bond Cloud so I’m not sure if that’s an issue or not.

There needs to be a simple option (something like /v2/api/offline) to just disable everything or at least a way to manually exit setup mode.

{“target”:“zermatt”,“fw_ver”:“v3.3.19”,“fw_date”:“Tue Aug 23 19:05:07 UTC 2022”,“uptime_s”:134,“make”:“Olibra”,“model”:“BD-1000”,“branding_profile”:“OLIBRA_BD1000”,“bondid”:“-”,“upgrade_http”:true,“api”:2,“_”:“-”,“__”:“-”}



3.3.8 was originally reported as working per your end goal, I believe: setting MQTT to disabled confirmed to suppress setup AP broadcast here; so, did anything change since 3.3.8 and 3.3.19, Bond team?
(@endy , I think you were testing things with Chris and the community back then)

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Thank you for tagging me @residualimages !

That’s very strange, there is no change in how it works from 3.3.8 to 3.3.19…
I couldn’t reproduce it here today but I’ll bring a router to the office tomorrow and test it again.

One possible test is to downgrade your unit back to 3.3.8, but would need more info for that. If you would like to try it, please send me a private message.

Hi @endy

I downgraded to 3.3.8 and same problem. I then did a factory reset and re-upped back to 3.3.19 and still the Config AP and green blinking light persists.

Can you please consider adding an api to just manually turn on ‘offline mode’ as well as exit setup mode without the roundabout way it’s currently supposed to work.

The mqtt enabled set to false is the “offline mode”.

About exiting the setup mode, do you want to be able to connect it to your network without connecting it to an account?

About adding the endpoint, I can bring this to the engineering meeting, but no expectations on it since the mqtt enabled as false should do the work.

Hi @endy

Yes I want it connected to my network (which is already is) and not linked or connected to an account. That is the current state.

However, clearly something then is wrong with my unit then because with mqtt enabled: false it continues to broadcast the Config AP and the green light blinks. Both of these things currently make it unusable. I need a way to turn off both.

Hey @MoneyPenny

I did some testings today and couldn’t reproduce it.
My testing steps:

  1. Set up a new testing router (with internet connection)
  2. Change my Bond network to the new testing router
  3. Set my Bond’s api/mqtt/enabled to false
  4. Remove internet connection from the new testing router
  5. Power cycle my Bond

It is not broadcasting the Config AP and keeps the blue solid light.

I’m suspecting that it could be related to the Account Code… Can you check the info at token/account_code?

Also, if that’s ok to ask, why you do not want the Bond connected to an account?
I’m not that into network security, but am curious and like the idea.

Not sure @MoneyPenny ever connected to an account.
See here.

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As @residualimages mentioned, I never connected to an account. That’s probably the problem.

I think I answered this questions previously but basically privacy but also control. I don’t want a company collecting my usage data (however benign it is). I don’t want a company to have the ability to control my devices (see Xcel) and I definitely don’t want to become reliant on some third-party that could go belly-up at any time (see Insteon, LockState, GC IoT Core, etc). Not saying that Olibra is doing or going to do any of these things but it’s how I view all smart devices I buy.

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Got it, thank you for the details and examples!

Can you try to set the Account Code to sixteen 0s and check if you get better behavior from the Bond?

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That did it. Thanks for helping to work this out. It does seem like a bug that needs fixed though.