Community Input on 3rd Generation Bond Bridge

We are looking at making a 3rd Generation Bond Bridge, something like a BD-1003. This would replace the existing BD-1000 and have a substantially similar purpose. So, think more of the difference between iPod nano generations rather than iPod nano vs iPod Touch :laughing:.

Both for company confidentiality reasons—and more importantly not to spoil the fun—I’d like to ask here what changes you’d like to see if we get a chance to rev up the hardware on Bond Bridge for the first time in 6 years.

Tnx @residualimages for the bump on this.



  • keep RF (obviously :crazy_face:)
  • please do keep IR
  • possible to have Ethernet and / or PoE at this price point? / complexity?
  • USB C for power, with potential data transmission (thinking local firmware update and/or rescue / debugging – also possible to echo BPUP via USB maybe?)
  • possible to include 5 Ghz WiFi at this price point? / complexity?
  • BLE cloning? (honestly not sure what is allowed / practical here)
  • any expanded RF range?
  • anything needed for more rolling code / modulations support?
  • might not make sense from a business perspective, but any possibility to support Sidekicks at the BD-1003 price point? / complexity?
  • is it even possible to have a second channel to always passively listen for RF and/or IR signals without blocking Bond transmissions (and filtering any out as they transmit), understanding all the caveats about transmission from OEM remotes typically being weak?


  • Guest / local network access (without Bond account app login, just launch the app and auto-discover on network) toggle-able on or off by Bond account owner for specific SBB devices and specific devices on Bridges
  • Creation of custom Actions (to better support custom Commands)
  • Creation of custom Command Headers (to group things in the Bond app without hard overrides sticking them back in original type headers)
  • Make certain properties more PATCHABLE (max speeds, lights, etc)
  • Native, or more exposed, support of CCT / colors / temperatures for lights (including tracking state for cycling style commands? dare I mention tracking state?? :wink:)
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Perhaps a direct Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter (I’m not sure if this is the same as BLE cloning?).

Use the 3rd Gen Bridge as a bridge between vendor Bluetooth API’s and home automation systems.

The specific application I was thinking of is direct control of Tesla vehicle charging. Tesla recently rolled out their official cloud-based API and it’s next to impossible to use for the average joe. Their Bluetooth API is very extensive without the cloud requirement.

Interesting. Do you think there would be community interest in writing BLE drivers?

Basically there would be some rule for discovery based on the advertisement packets, and then some Lua code for determining what Features should be exposed and what to do on the BLE side. — I imagine Home Assistant already does this really well?

Would you consider expanding into a Logitech Harmony-esque space, allowing control of A/V equipment? Potentially with IR blasters?

Need expanded RF freq. I have bought several fans in the 900 range

USB-C for power with an ethernet port available, I don’t need POE.

It should be a much smaller form factor, I’m thinking about the size of the SwitchBot Hub Mini, and also wall mountable.

It should have built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and in software this should be integrated in such a way that it allows the device to become a proper air conditioner controller, rather than Having to use workarounds.

Lowering the price by $20-$40.

Along with releasing this BD 1003, releasing a Bond Bridge Lite which would just have IR control and would compete with offerings on Amazon, priced at around $30 I’m thinking, also with a temperature and humidity sensor. Basically just the standard BD1003 but with The RF module removed.

As others said, implementation of Bluetooth and BLE would be really cool, my usecases would be to bridge in SwitchBot Bots and Amazon echo Buttons, so cloning and also proper Bluetooth pairing would be necessary.

Perhaps adding another RF chip for listening to RF contact, motion, temperature and humidity, and other sensors and buttons. Going along with this, the ability to automate your connected devices or send HTTP requests based on the states of these devices.

The most important one is native Apple HomeKit or Matter support!!! The Bond plug-in works very well but native HomeKit or Matter would be much better.

When the new one is released, there should be a built-in software feature which allows you to transfer all of your devices over to the new one and then trade the old one in for credit.

To help cut the price point a little bit, remove the RGB light from the top and use a simple little one instead of an entire light ring. And also, expose the light, if you add it, to the API.

Allow for dimming on lights that have to use a custom remote, both where it is built into ceiling fan remotes and also separate lighting.

Allow users to create custom remote templates.

The option to set up and use the Bond Bridge over the local network without an account.

Thanks everyone for the input. Received and appreciated. We will share when we have something public. But pse don’t hold your breath, we don’t have a timeline. :wink: