Comfortex TDBU Window Shades

My Bond is “sort of” controlling my Comfortex TDBU (Top Down Bottom Up) window shades, but it could certainly be better, so hopefully someone can help.

Remote control: The remote is a 16 channel 433.92MHZ remote, model BF-415. There is no indication anywhere on the remote of an FCC ID. The remote requires the user to press and hold the button for about a second in order for the proper action to trigger.

Pairing with Bond: When pairing Bond proposes all sorts of frequencies near 433.92, but rarely proposes 433.92. HOWEVER, somehow (can’t remember how), I was able to pair the top rail with a profile in Bond, and that works fairly reliably. I’m fine setting up the top and bottom rails as separate devices, since they each have their own up/down actions. On the app, for the device I’ve defined as “Top Rail”, in settings/advanced, it says the template is RMS76.

So for my questions:

  1. Is this RMS76 template associated with the Bond emitting the equivalent of a long press? If so, is there some sort of way I can select this RMS76 template to pair the bottom rails as a separate device? How do I figure out what device that template is associated with?

  2. The profile for the RMS76 template does not offer a preset, but my remote allows me to define a preset location to partially open the blinds. Is there a way to get a Preset action into the RMS76 template?

  3. a. This one is more of a suggestion. Bond calls the buttons “open” and “close”. Of course with a TDBU, things are opposite. Normal blind: Down = close. TDBU: top rail down = open. Thus, ideally, Bond should rename the actions “UP” and “DOWN”.
    b. Short of that, is there a way I can reverse the labels?

Thanks in advance for any help.