Can't change LED color via API with "manual LED control"

When I attempt to manually set the color of the LEDs using the API command for manual LED control (, my Bond unit unit just flashes blue and I get an “Error: read ECONNRESET” message

This is what I have:

curl -H “BOND-Token: XXXXXXXXX” -i -X PATCH -d “{\“manual”: 1, “value”: “FF000000FF000000FFFFFFFF000000”}”

Am I using this command wrong? Or am I just misunderstanding what this actually does? (I thought this meant I could manually set the color of the LED ring on top of the Bond.)

I have gotten other API command to work successfully and am able to turn the lights and fans on/off.

Are you talking about the normal consumer Bond Bridge?

I hadn’t checked the documentation in a while, so I was surprised to see your quoted section there. Bridges previously only had bluelight endpoint, I believe.
That being said, I cannot even GET the “v2/debug/leds” endpoint to return values (I see it in the ‘debug’ tree but when I GET that endpoint directly, I get a 204), let alone PATCH them. Many of the other “debug” endpoints return data when GETting them, but not all…

@merck - is this something new that’s not fully implemented yet?

Android App: 2.28.0 (App Tester fails to install what it sees as an update from 12.08.2020 [2.28.0-beta1 or 2.28.0-beta2] over this ?public? version)
ZZ Bond: 2.15.8

My mistake in not hiding the “debug” endpoints from the public docs. There’s nothing secret there, but these endpoints are for internal use and so may be buggy or poorly documented.

A quick check of an internal document gives this example body for PATCHing that endpoint:

[{ "r": 0, "g": 0, "b": 0 },{ "r": 255, "g": 255, "b": 255 },{ "r": 255, "g": 0, "b": 0 },{ "r": 0, "g": 255, "b": 0 },{ "r": 0, "g": 0, "b": 255 }]

Will only work on Zermatt units (ZZ… SNs).


Sweet! That worked! I’m gonna see if I can get Bond to light up to some music lmao