Bridge Firmware v2.9.4 Beta Release

Releasing a small but important fix in this version:

If you had a Z-prefixed Bond in a relatively recent firmware version, and you tried to record a device without relying on our database, you may have run into some problems.

You may have seen that the first scan succeeded but subsequent scans failed. There were some tricks to get around this, but this version should fix this problem completely.

I’ve only released this version for Z-prefixed Bond Bridges, as A- and B- prefixed Bond Bridges would have no change.

Next plans for Bridge Firmware:

Wrap up this “cloud to local” migration. We’re >95% done but we need to finish the job. Let me know if you still have a device that you’d like local control of, whether for SmartThings, Control4, Hubitat, Homebridge, or a custom solution, and I can keep you in the loop.