Bridge Firmware v2.9.1 through v2.9.3 releases

Hey all, I just released firmware v2.9.3 to beta. We’ve made a few small firmware releases in the past couple weeks, here’re some release notes for these versions, rolled up together:

  • Local support/fixes for the following remote “families” (the “family” is the name of the remote offered to you after you scan):

RCF84, RCF132, RCF198v2, D1 and D1x

  • Fix Somfy remotes behaviors for older receivers or when setting up many remotes

If your receiver responded, but acted strange — moving a bit and stopping, for instance — this fix may resolve that. If you had several remotes and one “took over” from another after a while, this fix will almost definitely resolve that.

  • Various performance fixes around syncing and scanning
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