BOND- Sofmy Vision Shades Control4

Control4 on 3.3.3. We are using the demo form Chowmain but having an issue on the second discrete command page on the shade, as the Stop is not always an option and actually on blinks available for 1/2 a second after an up or down is pressed, they dont seem to be able to make Stop always active. Wanting to know if your driver can or does always have Stop as an option? The shade we have are Vision/Zebra shades and the Stop command recalls a memorized preset in the shade itself that lines up the solid areas with the shade almost fully closed. We have the Stop Button linked to a button on a keypad but really need a way to access that from the Touchscreens and app, presently we dont have that without using Experience button or Custom Button. We have another project on 2.10.6 but using Sofmy’s RS232 unit to integrate and have up/stop/dn appear active. I reached out to the folks at Driver Central about another Bond driver- their response was: The stop command is dependent on the API and what Bond and the manufacturer provide. This is not a limitation from the developers making this command available but more so with Bond. The developers allow every possible command they have access to. So I am sending you this.

@alanchow – seems odd that something in the interface is “blinking” in and out of availability? Maybe my ignorance of shades, the Control4 system and/or the drivers is causing me to misinterpret, but the Bond API doesn’t typically change what Actions or Commands are available dynamically…

@alanchow The driver giving me the blink of the Stop is from Chowmain- been emailing with Justin Bateson | Developer, but have had no luck in the conversation about how to make the Stop in Navigator active all the time, presently it only blinks active for 1/2 second after the active up or down is pressed, so now say shade is closed, you press up, you even stop it at a partial level it only continue to 100% open and vise a versa. I have a screen record of it but the upload wont let me choose it. Can really use help, find it frustrating that it have not come up before, even with a stand shade you need to able to press stop I would think.

Set the shade to like 50% using the slider to get this on the discrete button

Closer view of this shade type, the shade is programmed that when shade is idle and Stop on the Sofmy remote is pressed it goes to this postion, presently no way to do so in the Control4 naviator shade control page.

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